The Benefits Of UV Disinfection In The Brewing And Beverage Industries

Microbial growth in beverages and beer products due to contaminated water supplies or sugar syrups can cause discoloration, off flavors and shortened shelf-life. The threat of contamination is further increased as manufacturers respond to consumer demands for less chemical additives and preservatives. Effective microbial disinfection of the whole manufacturing process is therefore essential.

Aquionics UV chamber

A non-chemical method of disinfection which is gaining increasing acceptance is ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. Aquionics UV systems kill all known spoilage microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds (and their spores). UV is a low maintenance, environmentally friendly technology which eliminates the need for chemical treatment while ensuring high levels of disinfection.

UV disinfection has many advantages over alternative methods. Unlike chemical treatment, UV does not introduce toxins or residues into process water and does not alter the chemical composition, taste, odor or pH of the fluid being disinfected. This feature is especially important in the brewing and beverage industries where the chemical dosing of incoming process water can cause off-flavors and alter the chemical properties of the product.

Aquionics UV systems can be used for primary water or sugar syrup disinfection or as a back-up for other purification methods such as carbon filtration, reverse osmosis or pasteurization. As UV has no residual effect, the best position for a treatment system is immediately prior to the point of use. This ensures incoming microbiological contaminants are destroyed and there is a minimal chance of post-treatment contamination.

All Aquionics UV disinfection systems are easy to install, with minimum disruption to the plant. They need very little maintenance, the only requirement being replacement of the UV lamps every 12 months, depending on use. This is a simple operation that takes only a few minutes and can be carried out by general maintenance staff.

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