New Integrated Base Sounder Speeds Up Installation

Apollo has introduced an Integrated Base Sounder to its range of loop-powered sounder products. By combining a detector mounting base and sounder in a single moulded unit, the new device simplifies and speeds up installation.

Apollo integrated base sounder

The Integrated Base Sounder offers two tone ranges: the low range of 55-75dB is designed, for example, as a staff warning alarm in areas such as hospitals and nursing homes. The high range of 75-91dB complies with EN54-3 requirements for fire detection and alarm systems and is for general use. Other features include individual or group addressing, as well as synchronisation of ‘alert’ and ‘evacuate’ tones where multiple devices are used.

The device also has a unique acoustic self-test facility that can be used during installation, commissioning or maintenance procedures. It tests itself by checking its own sound output; if no sound is detected within 5 seconds of switching on, the Integrated Base Sounder will transmit a sounder fault signal when next polled. It is supplied with an integral isolator as standard; a version without isolator is also available.

Compatible with Apollo’s XP95 and Discovery ranges of intelligent fire detectors, the device is loop powered, operates at 17-28V DC and is polarity sensitive.

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