Alicat Mass Flow Controllers Powers MDC’s XpressStick Gas Delivery Module

Gas connection module benefits from Alicat’s MCE’s high precision flow control
Tucson, Arizona (August 28, 2017) – Alicat Scientific’s MCE mass flow controllers have been integrated into MDC Vacuum Products’ XpressStick™ MFC Gas Stick. With precision control of gas flows of up to 20SLPM and onboard display, Alicat’s MCE provides gas programming functionality to the gas connection module, which links pressurized gas inputs to vacuum chambers.

The Alicat MCE accurately controls gas flow rates as low as 0-0.5 sccm full scale or as high as 0-20 slpm full scale. With 20 to 50 millisecond control response times to setpoint changes, the MCE improves vacuum coating end products and helps eliminate target poisoning.

Alicat XpressStick

Alicat Scientific’s MCE mass flow controller, integrated into MDC Vacuum Products’ XpressStick™ MFC Gas Stick.

The all-in-one design of the XpressStick MFC gas stick eliminates complex hardware specification in processes which include a combination of specialty gases, pressure, precise regulation, and vacuum. Its easy programming and precise gas control system allows users to go from bottle to process in one simple step. Designed to meet ultra-high purity process requirements, the XpressStick is also offered in a stainless steel model for corrosive environments.

With the MCE’s zero warm up time, the XpressStick is ready to control process flows in just one second, with real time mass flow, volumetric flow, absolute pressure and temperature data, fully compensated for temperature and pressure. The gas module is programmed directly through the MCE’s integrated display, with easy changes to gas type using the on-board gas calibrations.

The standard gas calibration list includes 98 gases, with an additional 32 corrosive gases on the stainless steel model. Alicat’s built-in COMPOSER™ gas mixing software can be used to compose up to twenty additional custom blends using the standard gas list. Accuracy is virtually unaffected by change in gas type, and full-scale valve range is automatically recalibrated to maintain throughput ranges.

“Fast response time, accuracy, and reliability were all key criteria in choosing an MFC instrument for our XpressStick,” explained James Moore, MDC Vice President, Engineering & Technology. “Based on past experience with Alicat, we knew that they could deliver all three, with an integrated display that enables our all-in-one design.”

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Alicat Scientific Establishes European Office

UK location to provide engineering support, product service and user training
Cambridge, United Kingdom (September 1, 2016) – Mass flow device manufacturer, Alicat Scientific, has established a new regional office in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The new location gives customers across Europe local sales and service for Alicat’s line of pressure controllers, mass flow controllers, meters, and accessories.


European Office will provide engineering support, product service and training.

The new office will be headed up by European Territory Manager, Andy Mangell. Mangell joined Alicat earlier this year, with a strong background in the European market and mass flow technology. Now that he has established a strong foundation in the region for application engineering support, calibration services, and end-user training, he is tasked with growing the localized support team and service capabilities.

“Alicat prides itself on the speed and accuracy of its instrument response time,” says Mangell. “However, within the discerning marketplaces where we operate, this is simply not enough. Providing the very best localized support is absolutely paramount to our devotion to speed. With this new location, we can ensure immediate engineering support, a quotation within hours, delivery within seven to nine days and service turnaround in under four days. This commitment to the European market is on-going, as we add yet more staff and capability at the Cambridge facility.”

Alicat is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to the newly established Alicat Europe, the company has regional service and support centers in India and China.

Alicat Europe is located at 2 College Park, Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, CB1 3HD. Sales and support engineers may be reached by phone at 01223 472804 or via email at

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Alicat Scientific Wins Global Company Awards

Named a Halma plc ‘Company of the Year’ and recognized for international success
Tucson, Arizona (June 6, 2016) – Alicat Scientific has been recognized by its parent company, Halma plc, receiving “Sector Company of the Year,” and “Growth from International Expansion” awards. The Halma awards honor top performing companies from within its global group of safety, health and environmental technology companies.

Alicat Award

Halma’s non-executive Chairman Paul Walker presents Alicat’s president David Lashbrook with the Halma Sector Company of the Year award.

This is the second year in a row that Alicat has been named Company of the Year in Halma’s Environmental and Analysis Sector. While one of the criteria is significant growth, the award also takes into account innovation, governance, and overall management. Alicat, which also won a Halma Innovation Award in 2015, has demonstrated a continuous investment in product and personnel development. Its mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers are used throughout the world in a broad range of industrial and research applications, from measuring methane emissions on farms, or controlling weld gases in production facilities, to providing data and pressure control in aeronautics research.

Alicat was also recognized for Growth from International Expansion, one of only two companies from among Halma’s 45 subsidiaries to receive this distinction. The award rewards growth in markets outside of the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. Over the past year, Alicat has demonstrated outstanding growth in Asia and other markets outside the United States, particularly in India.

Based in the United Kingdom, Halma’s global subsidiaries develop and manufacture products for protecting life and improving quality of life for people worldwide. Its portfolio of market-leading companies are organized into four sectors: Process Safety, Environmental and Analysis, Infrastructure Safety and Medical.

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Updated LabVIEW Device Drivers Available from Alicat Scientific

Compatible with Alicat’s latest Gas Select™ 6.0 firmware update
Tucson, Arizona (May 19, 2016) – Alicat Scientific has released updated LabVIEW instrument drivers for its line of standard mass flow meters, flow controllers, and pressure controllers running the company’s new Gas Select 6.0 Firmware.

Alicat Labview

Updated LabVIEW Device Drivers available from Alicat Scientific.

Available for free download at, the new device drivers enable users to easily develop control interfaces to Alicat instruments, without PLC programming skills. LabVIEW provides data collection from Alicat instruments, instrument control capabilities, and integration with other process instruments. Common functions include evaluating data in order to trigger events such as changes to set points or flow rates, gas selection, validation, and monitoring ongoing trend data.

With the industry’s highest turndown ratio, Alicat instruments precisely and rapidly control mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and absolute pressure of gases. The new firmware and drivers are compatible with standard Alicat instruments—flow meters, flow controllers and pressure controllers—serial number 80,000 and higher.

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Alicat Scientific Establishes Chinese Service Center

Shanghai location reduces service turnaround time for Asia-Pacific customers
Tucson, Arizona (February 16, 2016) – Mass flow device manufacturer, Alicat Scientific, has established a new service center in Shanghai, China. Staffed by factory-trained service engineers, the new location gives customers in China and the Asia-Pacific region convenient access to Alicat factory services.

Alicat Shanghai

Alicat’s new Shanghai location reduces service turnaround time for Asia-Pacific customers.

Maintenance and calibration is important to the operation and accuracy of all mass flow instruments. The Shanghai location will service Alicat’s entire line of pressure controllers, mass flow controllers, meters, and accessories, delivering the same quality service as the U.S. headquarters. Customers will experience faster turnaround, fewer logistics and reduced maintenance costs. To help domestic users to remove cumbersome import and export customs procedures, the service center accepts yuan payment of maintenance and calibration orders.

The service center is located at 1165 Lane Road, Shanghai Minhang District, Downtown (1) Layer, Block B, 123 23. Service engineers may be reached by phone at 021-61519096 / 61519098, or via email at: For more information about the China service center, visit Alicat’s Chinese website

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Alicat Scientific Appoints European Territory Manager

Andy Mangell joins Alicat to serve European distributors and customers
Tucson, Arizona (January 19, 2016) – Alicat Scientific ( has improved customer experience in the European market, appointing Andy Mangell European Territory Manager.

Andy Mangell

Andy Mangell, European Territory Manager

Based in the United Kingdom, Mangell will serve as a local contact and source of support for distributors of Alicat’s line of pressure controllers, mass flow controllers, meters, and accessories. He will provide first line service support to local customers and channel partners, as well as work with OEM customers throughout Europe to incorporate Alicat’s flow control instruments into their products.

Mangell comes to Alicat with a strong background in the European market and mass flow technology. He has spent the last fifteen years as UK Managing Director of Bronkhorst UK, overseeing sales strategy for its Thermal and Coriolis mass flow controller lines. Prior to this, he spent nine years developing the UK market for pressure measurement and mechanical pressure regulator manufacturers. Mangell began his career working extensively across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in both the up-stream and down-stream oil and gas industries. He is a graduate of the University of Exeter (England) with a Combined Honors Degree in Geology and Geography.

Mangell can be contacted via email at and by phone at +44 (0) 7736 455587.

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Alicat Scientific’s Whisper Series Wins Global Innovation Award

Tucson, Arizona (May 21, 2015) – Alicat’s Whisper series of mass flow meters and controllers have taken the “Best Product” prize in an innovation competition run by its parent company, Halma plc. The Halma Innovation Awards recognizes advancements made by Halma subsidiaries that demonstrate creative new ways to improve a company’s products or operations.

Alicat Whisper

Halma’s Non-executive Chairman Paul Walker presents Alicat’s head of sales Ben Ramirez with the 2015 Best Product Innovation Award.

The Innovation Awards stem from Halma’s belief that encouraging continual improvement and unique ideas are key factors in its success. Innovation drives organic growth in its subsidiaries by meeting industry challenges and customer needs.

Alicat’s Whisper series technology beat out nine other product innovation entries from Halma companies. Winners were chosen by a popular vote among executives at Halma’s global subsidiaries. The Whisper series was developed in order to meet the needs of customers whose processes were too sensitive for traditional flow measurement and control instruments. Having very little pressure drop, Whispers can be added to a system without inducing backpressure or significantly affecting volumetric flow measurement.

Alicat also received the distinction of Company of the Year for Halma’s Environmental & Analysis Sector. This award recognizes Alicat as a top performer within its Halma Sector in terms of new products, new markets, management development and financial growth.

Based in the United Kingdom, Halma is a group of nearly 50 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products for protecting life and improving quality of life for people worldwide. The company’s business groups focus on process safety, environmental and analysis, infrastructure safety and medical sectors.

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Alicat Showcases MCD and Whisper Pressure Instruments at Pittcon

Flow meters and controllers for a range of lab and process needs
Tucson, Arizona (February 28, 2014) – Alicat Scientific, Inc. will exhibit its newly launched MCD-Series bidirectional mass flow and pressure controllers and Whisper-Series mass flow meters and controllers at the 2014 Pittcon Conference and Exposition, taking place March 3-6 at the McCormick Place Convention Center (Chicago, Ill.), booth 1908.


Alicat MCD and Whisper Series

Alicat’s MCD-Series bidirectional mass flow and pressure controllers precisely and rapidly control mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and absolute pressure of gases in two flow directions. This flexible dual-valve design is the first of its kind, allowing researchers to replace multiple dedicated instruments and make rapid changes to experimental setups.

User-selectable control modes allow users to switch quickly between mass flow, volumetric flow and absolute pressure measurement and control for maximum flexibility in laboratory use. With a dedicated inlet valve and a dedicated exhaust valve, a single MCD can control upstream and downstream flows, as well as positive pressure or backpressure in both open and closed systems. As a universal control element, it can be used to monitor or control a number of parameter combinations, making it useful in a variety of configurations.

Alicat’s Whisper-Series digital mass flow meters and controllers feature extraordinarily low pressure drops, as low as 3.6 mbar (0.052 psi) at full scale, or 0.018 mbar when fully turned down (200:1 turndown). This minimizes system impact, with faster mass flow measurement (<10 ms) and control (<100 ms). Whisper-Series instruments eliminate the need for larger pumps or supply sources, higher feed pressures, or increased bottled gas to overcome pressure drop requirements.

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Alicat Scientific Brings Measurement and Control to MRS Exhibit

Versatile instruments transition from research lab to process line
Tucson, Arizona (November 26, 2013) – Alicat Scientific, Inc., will exhibit its mass flow and pressure meters and controllers during the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, December 3-5, 2013 at the Hynes Convention Center (Boston, Mass.). At the company’s booth, 1116, materials researchers, process engineers and system integrators will find a wide selection of instrumentation to suit their applications and budgets.

Alicat pressure controllers and flow meters

Alicat’s PCD-Series dual-valve pressure controller for closed systems
and M-Series mass flow meter for micro flows down to 2.5 µl (microliters)will be on exhibit at the MRS Fall Meeting.

Alicat’s instruments enable user programming of control parameters and on-site multi-gas calibration changes, allowing researchers the flexibility needed for exploratory analysis and process engineers the precision needed to maintain batch quality. Launching at the show will be the MCD series dual-valve bidirectional mass flow controller. This single instrument will allow users to control for mass flow or volumetric flow bidirectionally, with or without vacuum, and to control for absolute pressure or backpressure, making it the most versatile mass flow controller currently on the market.

Also on display will be its full line of instruments, based on Alicat’s highly accurate laminar flow technology. Instruments come pre-calibrated for 30 gases and gas mixes, and are backed by the industry’s only lifetime warranty. The PCD series dual-valve pressure controller delivers precision control in closed systems. For high vacuum applications, the MCV series mass flow controllers’ pneumatic shut-off valve enables the tight shut-off parameters required to maintain product integrity. Most of the company’s mass flow meters and controllers are available in micro flow ranges that are accurate down to 2.5 microliters per minute.

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Alicat Mass Flow Controllers for Vacuum Applications at American Vacuum Society Exhibition

Tucson, Arizona (October 14, 2013) – Alicat Scientific, Inc., will exhibit its MCV series mass flow controller during the American Vacuum Society’s 60th International Symposium and Exhibition, October 27-November 1, 2013 in Long Beach, Calif. Used by researchers and manufacturers in vacuum coating and sputtering processes, the tight shut-off parameters of Alicat’s instruments prevent target poisoning and maintain product integrity.

Alicat MCV

Alicat MCV mass flow controller for vacuum applications.

The Alicat MCV accurately controls gas flow rates as low as 25 microliters (0.0025 SCCM) or as high as 20 slpm with response times of 50 to 100 milliseconds. An integrated positive shut-off valve provides leak-tight shut-off of 1×10-9 atm-scc/s Helium max, preventing contamination of the coating process when no gas is flowing.

Alicat’s MCV has the industry’s lowest turndown ratio at 200:1, allowing manufacturers to cover a wider flow range with fewer pieces of instrumentation. With a footprint just 1.5 inches deep and weighing just 3 pounds, the space-efficient MCV integrates easily into PV coating systems. All Alicat instruments are based on its highly accurate laminar flow technology, come with 30 field-selectable gas and gas mix calibrations, and are backed by the industry’s only lifetime warranty.

To learn more about Alicat’s MCV for vacuum applications, visit Alicat at AVS booth 613.

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