APC Names Brian Teague New VP of International Operations

Pontiac, Michigan (April 12, 2011) – Following the company’s successful expansion into international markets, Air Products and Controls (APC) has promoted Brian Teague to Vice President of International Operations.  In his new position, Teague will be responsible for the company’s continued worldwide growth.

Brian Teague, APC’s Vice President of International Operations.

Brian Teague, APC’s Vice President of International Operations.

Teague’s new position was created temporarily at APC last February in order to actively promote the company’s full line of duct detectors, relays and controls to international markets.  Since then, export sales have increased 55% and the position has been made permanent.

Teague has over a decade of experience in finance, and joined APC in 2006 as Controller.   Prior to his recent promotion, Teague had been Vice President of Finance for APC; a position he will retain in addition to his new role.  Teague is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH), as well as a Bachelor in Arts in Marketing from Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH).

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Halma Announces Record Earnings and Strategy for Continued Expansion

$150m earmarked for acquisitions

Cincinnati, OH (June 22, 2010) – Halma p.l.c. (www.halma.com), the leading global safety, health and sensor technology group, has announced record results with profits up 9% to $125m and revenue rising by 1% to $665m. The UK-based group, which includes Pontiac-based Air Products and Controls, has posted strong financials to raise shareholder dividends by 7%, the thirty-first consecutive year of increases.  Halma’s 11 US subsidiaries generate about 30% of its revenue.  The company plans to augment its organic growth efforts through acquisition of complementary technology companies, as it has done for many years.

Halma’s subsidiaries operate in three main market sectors: Health and Analysis, Infrastructure Sensors, and Industrial Safety, creating shareholder value with consistent organic growth and sound acquisitions.  Halma companies operate as independent entities under the day-to-day direction of their local management, while reaping the capital and network benefits of a larger multi-national parent.

The company is seeking successful and profitable companies that are closely allied to any of its current market sectors although photonics, water, fluid technology and health optics are a particular focus. It has $150m earmarked for acquisitions.

Andrew Williams, Chief Executive of Halma, commented, “In recent years, Halma has generated significant organic growth momentum through increasing investment in management development, new product development and establishing platforms for growth in Asia.  We have considerable resources to support investment in further acquisitions to accelerate growth in our chosen markets.  We can comfortably deploy up to $150m on acquisitions should we find the right opportunities.”

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Halma is a holding company of approximately 35 worldwide subsidiaries that develop and manufacture products to improve quality of life for people worldwide. The company’s business groups focus on industrial safety, health and analysis and infrastructure sensors.

To present potential acquisitions opportunities, please contact David Leighty, Group Acquisitions Executive, USA, (david.leighty@halma.com), Tel: 1-732-244-1858.

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Air Products and Controls Provides Remote Testing of Duct Smoke Detectors with MSR-50 Series

Advanced remote accessory allows range of functionality required for commercial applications

Pontiac, Michigan (April 8, 2008)- To provide a centralized control for testing and operation of a building’s duct smoke detection system, Air Products and Controls (APC) has introduced the MSR-50 Series of remote accessories for their duct smoke detectors.  The UL Listed, MEA Accepted MSR-50s are compatible with APC detection products including all SM-, HS- and SL-Series duct smoke detectors.

The MSR-50RK with key test (left) and MSR-50RM with magnet test from Air Products and Controls.

Two models of the MSR-50 are available from APC; the MSR-50RM, which provides a hidden magnet test switch and a push button reset, and the MSR-50RK, which includes a key-operated detector test and reset.  Both models are available as either a single gang remote indicator/ control or with the addition of a single gang strobe assembly. 

The MSR-50 Series is an industry first with multi-color visual indicators that alert to detector Pilot, Trouble and Alarm conditions, and an added magnet test or key test/ reset at a price point much lower than that of the more robust MSR-100 Series accessories.  The optional strobe assembly can simply be connected via a port included on all models and fits a standard double gang configuration. 

The MSR-50 Series also feature a lever-operated quick-connect “No-Tools” four-position terminal block, which eliminates the terminal strip screws and wiring required by similar products, improving installation and maintenance time dramatically.  All configurations are available with a choice of white, red or stainless steel cover plates and are compatible with any standard Decora style cover plate.

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Air Products and Controls Combats Commonly Overlooked Code Violation

Educational program focuses on air sampling tube lengths in duct smoke detectors

Pontiac, Michigan (December 18, 2007)-  To reduce the incidence of a commonly overlooked code violation and ensure the safety of end users of their products, Air Products and Controls (APC) has launched an educational campaign to raise awareness of code-driven requirements for air sampling tube length in duct smoke detectors.

Air Sample Tube Length Demonstration

IMC (Chapter 606.3) and NFPA 72 (Chapter codes require that all smoke detector installations, tests and inspections are made in accordance with the manufacturer’s published instructions.  In most cases, manufacturer specs call for the air sampling tube to extend between 2/3 and 80% of the duct width.  If the sample tube does not span the width of the duct, smoke can bypass the sample tube and avoid immediate detection, allowing the fire to progress and placing all those who rely on the smoke detection system in danger.  In addition to this potential liability, improperly sized sampling tubes can result in failed inspections, increased job costs and jeopardized inspector relationships.

Some manufacturers supply sample tubes with duct smoke detector purchases.  However, the standard sample tube supplied is approximately 12 inches in length, meaning it is only code-compliant in ducts up to 18 inches wide.  Particularly in commercial applications, where duct widths are more commonly 36 inches wide, the supplied sample tube would not meet code.  Building inspectors are reporting an increase of non-compliant tube spans.

APC’s campaign reminds customers that one size does not fit all, and urges them to take application duct size into account when determining if the standard air sampling tube length is sufficient.  All manufacturers that supply air duct smoke detectors offer air sampling tubes that will accommodate duct widths of up to ten feet.  Tubes can always be cut down to size, and in some cases, two metal tubes may be spliced together to meet distance requirements.

For more information on correct air sampling tube sizing, download APC’s free “Size Does Matter” informational pamphlet here or contact APC at 888-332-2241.


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Air Products and Controls’ Latest Offer is No Gamble

Customers win with every 21st installed detector or 16th remote accessory

Pontiac, Michigan (February 13, 2007)- For customers who don’t take chances with their duct smoke detection, Air Products and Controls (APC) is offering a deal where everyone wins.  From now until December 31, 2007, contractors and installers may collect proofs of purchase to earn free duct smoke detectors and/or remote accessories during APC’s House Rules promotion. 

 APC House Rules

Unlike the game of Blackjack, APC’s version of 21 always pays.  Upon proof of every 20th detector installed, APC will give customers a 21st SL-2000-P duct smoke detector free during the 21 Always Pays House Rules Promotion.  APC’s line of duct smoke detectors are code-compliant and UL Listed.  They offer time-saving conveniences during installation and maintenance procedures with features such as twist-in sensors, easy-to-read wiring diagrams on the inside front cover, and no-tools features on some units.  Up to 30 detectors can be interconnected for common functions and fitted with the company’s line of remote accessories for even further customization.

Take a spin on the roulette wheel with APC’s 16 Wins House Rules promotion and earn a free remote accessory.  Every 15 proof of purchases for remote accessories earns a free MSR-100 R/W accessory. Remote accessories from APC work with APC duct smoke detectors to indicate problems, perform tests, and alert users to alarm conditions.  APC packages visual indication of detector pilot, trouble, and alarm functions; selectable audible indication of alarm and trouble functions; an exclusive buzzer silence function, and a lamp and buzzer test function in easy-to-install units.

Once APC receives the required amount of proof of purchase labels, the company will confirm validity and send the duct smoke detector or remote accessory earned by the customer.  In addition to saving money by receiving free products, contractors have even more earning potential when they install the free products in less time thanks to APC’s easy installation features.  For complete contest rules and details, please visit www.ap-c.com/houserules.


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Protect Special Application Spaces with the HS-100 from Air Products and Controls

All- in-one detector offers exclusive features for duct smoke detection applications.

Pontiac, Michigan (December 21, 2006)-Finding the right duct smoke detector can be problematic in applications where air-sampling style duct detectors can’t be used. Air Products and Controls’ (APC) new HS-100 duct smoke detector has been specifically designed to protect these areas with installation options and features unavailable in existing products. The detector unit mounts in air shafts, plenum spaces and other low air velocity areas, and offers the greatest range of voltage input options and is available off-the-shelf in both ionization (HS-100-N) or photoelectric models (HS-100-P).

 APC’s HS-100

The HS-100 Series duct smoke detector installs in surface or pendant mount configurations suitable for a variety of low or no air velocity conditions ( 100 feet per min/30.48 meters per minute).  A progressive all-in-one design eliminates the need to purchase and assemble a separate base or test unit.  The low-profile unit mounts to a standard 4” square back box or can be installed using off-the-shelf mounting components. 

As the industry’s only low- or no-flow duct smoke detector available in both photoelectric and ionization versions, the HS-100 can be precisely matched to the type of sensing best suited for a given application. The industry-leading temperature coverage range spans from 32° to 140°F for the photoelectric model and 32° to 158°F for the ionization model. 

In addition to its powerful detection capabilities, the UL-listed HS-100 requires very low current draw for a universal fit with existing equipment.  It is the only special application-suited duct smoke detector offering the full complement of input voltages including 230VAC, 120VAC and 24VAC/DC.

Several features are unique to the HS-100:  in-place wiring capability, extended high temperature ratings, and connection features.  Up to 30 units can be directly interconnected to each other and/or to APC’s MS- and MSR-Series Remote Accessories.  The HS-100 can also be integrated with APC’s conventional external mount detectors to form a complete detection system.  In the event of smoke detection, entire HVAC systems can be triggered to shut down, preventing the spread of fire and smoke through an air handling system’s fans and blower.

An on-board LED display clearly indicates alarm and standby functions at a glance.  Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance are simplified with a built-in magnet test facility and labeled, front-accessible wiring terminals. 


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Air Products and Controls MSR-100 Series Offers Advanced Features

Pontiac, Michigan (May 6, 2006)- The MSR-100 Series Advanced Remote Accessories from HVAC and fire/life safety specialist Air Products and Controls Inc. (APC) work with APC duct smoke detectors to indicate problems, perform tests, and alert users to alarm conditions using special features not found on other remote accessory units.  APC packages visual indication of detector pilot, trouble, and alarm functions; selectable audible indication of alarm and trouble functions; an exclusive buzzer silence function, and a lamp and buzzer test function in easy to install units.

APC’s MSR-100 

For convenient, quiet service, a ringback feature exclusive to APC enables the alarm buzzer to be silenced during problem inspection and remedy; a manual switch activates this function.  The silenced buzzer will resume sounding upon correction of a problem condition, serving as a reminder to reset the silence switch to the normal operating condition.  The optional strobe module continues to work even when in silent mode. A key-operated function enables users to test and reset from a remote location and verify that the detector is properly operating. 

For quick installation, a lever-operated “No-Tools” terminal block design eliminates the terminal strip screws and wiring required by similar products.  The base unit without strobe fits into a single gang box, unlike traditional remote accessory units that require double gang boxes.

The included decals ensure each unit is clearly and properly labeled according to local code requirements.  The unit comes in a choice of stainless, red or white cover plates.  APC’s remote accessories can also be paired with standard decora style cover plates to match site décor.


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Air Specialty Products Named Distributor of the Year by Air Products and Controls

Pontiac, Michigan (April 12, 2006) – Air Products and Controls Inc. (APC) has awarded its inaugural HVAC Distributor of the Year Award to Ron Campton of Air Specialty Products (ASP), Arizona.  The award recognizes ASP as the leading distributor of APC branded duct smoke detectors and accessories.

Ron Campton of Air Specialty Products

The presentation of this award marks the first year in almost two decades that Air Products has operated directly in the HVAC wholesale distribution market.  During that absence, Air Products became a leading supplier of duct smoke detection products to the HVAC industry through well-recognized privately branded product offerings.

Remarking on the award, Air Products’ Vice President of Sales, Jerry Black, commented, “This award recognizes a significant partner in our emerging presence in the HVAC distribution market.  ASP has been an important ally in our mission to deliver time-saving and profit-improving products to HVAC contracting firms.  We’re looking forward to continuing that mission together for many years to come.”

With locations in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Air Specialty Products is an independent representative and distributor of a wide range of HVAC products, with an emphasis on air distribution products, including smoke detectors, fans, dampers, louvers, air terminals, grilles, diffusers, sound control, duct heaters, and sheet metal accessories.


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