Accutome, Volk and Keeler AAO Meeting Joint Exhibit Recognized in Best in Show Contest

Malvern, Penn. (January 27, 2014) – The joint exhibit of Accutome, Keeler and Volk at the 2013 American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO) meeting in New Orleans was awarded an Honorable Mention in the exhibition’s Best In Show contest. After this success, the three companies intend to exhibit together again at the 2014 AAO meeting.

Accutome, Keeler, Volk

Accutome, Volk and Keeler AAO Meeting Joint Exhibit Recognized in Best in Show Contest

Accutome, Keeler and Volk offer complementary ophthalmic diagnostic, clinical and surgical products. All are part of Halma, plc, an international group of safety, health and environmental technology companies. The joint exhibit gave busy show visitors a convenient single stop to try out and buy products from all three companies. The new exhibit included a number of hands-on demonstrations for each company’s products.

“Keeler and Volk have been sister companies for almost 20 years. Since Accutome joined the group in 2012, we’ve been looking for additional ways their relationship under the same parent could benefit customers,” explained Adam Meyers, Divisional Chief Executive for Halma. “The joint exhibit was carefully planned for the best customer experience possible while retaining focus on the individual brands.”

The exhibit was chosen for the mention by evaluators from AAO’s Exhibit Effectiveness Evaluation team and Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge. It was recognized for its ease of navigation for show attendees and clear corporate branding for each of the three companies.

According to the show report, the exhibit was “a marketing “how to” successfully combine disparate brands and companies under one exhibit property and still make it easy for attendees to comprehend the connection. From top to bottom, all details of this exhibit were strategically conceived and very well executed.”

For more information on the companies, visit the Halma health optics page.

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