Accutome, Keeler and Volk to Unveil Joint Exhibit at AAO Meeting

Malvern, Penn. (Sept. 25, 2013) – Accutome, Keeler and Volk will display a new 80-foot by 80-foot exhibition booth for the annual American  Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans. The eye care companies, all part of the Halma Health Optics group, will exhibit their products in booth No. 2245 from Nov. 15–19 at the Morial Convention Center.

New joint booth from the Halma Health Optics group at AAO 2013

New joint booth from the Halma Health Optics group at AAO 2013

Accutome, Keeler and Volk offer critical diagnostic, clinical and surgical products to the ophthalmic community. The joint booth will give busy ophthalmologists and other eye professionals one stop to view each company’s diverse offerings.

The new exhibit will provide visitors with a more active role in viewing and testing products. Eye care professionals can see how Accutome’s latest powerful and portable diagnostic ultrasound system, the Connect platform, allows ophthalmologists to run Accutome’s A-Scan, B-Scan and UBM on a single laptop, tablet or PC. Accutome’s other new surgical and diagnostic instruments such as the AccuSharp guarded blades will also be displayed.

Keeler’s new 40H Slit Lamp combines the company’s typical craftsmanship and design with x6 to x40 magnifications and an integrated yellow barrier filter. Keeler will also display its new Cryomatic MKII with plug-and-play technology and D-KAT Digital, which applies the Goldmann principle in a Keeler digital unit.

Volk will display its new TVG Surgical Gonio Lens, which was designed specifically for glaucoma surgery and other intraoperative gonioscopy procedures and is equipped with a floating lens feature that provides precise ocular control. The Volk Pictor Plus, a versatile hand-held retinal imaging device, will also be available for testing.

Accutome, Keeler and Volk are each offering numerous specials and rebates for in-show product purchases. For more information on the companies, visit the Halma health optics page.

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