Why Social Media Is So Important

Posted on 8 October 2013

By Damian Corbet

As a B2B marketer you have a lot on your plate: brochures, advertising, exhibitions, website updates, dealing with distributors… the list goes on.

You’re now told to add social media to the mix. Where will you find the time? And why is it so important anyway? Surely it’s only relevant to B2C companies?

From a B2B point of view it’s important for two reasons:

  • Getting your message out to a wider audience
  • Driving traffic back to your website

So what’s the hold-up?

Nearly every B2B marketer I speak to cites time as the hold-up. No time to look into it; no time to set it up; no time to do it.

Perhaps if you understood just how important social media is – and how much more important it’s becoming  – you’d find the time.

The simple fact is that social media has moved beyond just connecting with friends and like-minded people. It’s now an essential business tool. Just because you may not use social media is not a reason to dismiss it.

Did you know:

  • 59% of all journalists globally use Twitter to find news (up from 47% in 2012)
  • LinkedIn is the most popular social network for senior executives
  • YouTube is now the platform of choice for companies to share videos

So, if social media is now a mainstream business and news tool, how do you use it?

The strategy I recommend is very, very simple: post content on your website; share it on social networks; drive traffic back to your website. The Virtuous Circle.

For Halma subsidiaries, the PR Department can now write a lot of your content and blog posts for you. All you have to do is come up with ideas. Here are some content suggestions.

Have a look at my post ‘Using Social Media – Some Practical Guidelines’ to help you get started.

Social media is no longer a luxury, an add-on or something to assign to an intern. It’s something that should be at the core of your marketing strategy.

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Using Social Media – Some Practical Guidelines

Posted on 5 September 2013

By Damian Corbet

Signing up to social networks is one thing; using them effectively is another. Here are some guidelines to make sure you get off to a good start with social media.

Who should have access?
Always ensure more than one person has access to the login details of any social media channel. I’d recommend the following people:

•    All marketing people, including the sales & marketing director/VP
•    Product managers
•    Key technical people (designers, engineers, etc)
•    Key customer service people
•    Managing director/president. (They may not want to get their hands dirty with social media, but it’s no bad thing to sign them up make them aware of the basics)
•    Keep a record of all login/password details!

Social media committee
•    Set up a ‘social media committee’ that includes a representative from each of the above departments
•    You could have a brief meeting once a month/quarter to come up with content ideas and discuss issues that have come up.

What should you say?
For most Halma companies, social media will be used as an extension of marketing/PR:

•    Share all press releases
•    If you write blog posts, share them
•    Talk about upcoming exhibitions or events
•    Share interesting general industry or company news
•    Don’t sell – be helpful instead; that’s why people follow you
•    If you’re serious draw up a calendar with input from all committee members

•    Be prepared to interact – that may be obvious but many companies don’t bother to respond to questions or complaints on social media
•    Let customer service people deal with complaints
•    Let technical people deal with technical queries
•    Always be friendly and helpful and never be defensive or negative

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Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO

Posted on 26 June 2013

By Damian Corbet

An overview of why Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO are now inextricably linked.

Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO

SEO all starts with Google…

The way Google ranks websites is based on a constantly evolving set of algorithms which take several factors into account, including:

  • Content – unique, well written and constantly updated
  • Social Media – well-managed, consistent activity on relevant social networks
  • Website architecture – standards-based code, regularly updated, no Flash

The best way to improve your website’s SEO is therefore to keep it regularly updated with relevant, keyword-rich content, shared on relevant social networks, with links back to the website. Not only will this help with SEO, it will also drive inbound traffic to your website. Continue →

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4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Company Blog

Posted on 3 October 2012

By Damian Corbet


Let me clarify what I mean by a  company blog.

It isn’t an essay. It’s not even a paragraph. It can be just a few sentences. It’s also free.

There are four simple reasons why you should have a company blog: Continue →

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What is Twitter?

Posted on 14 August 2012

By Damian Corbet

What is Twitter and why should B2B companies use it?


“If your business has any kind of content it wishes to share with the world, Twitter’s virtually a necessity for getting it out there.” (Chris Bucholtz, editor-in-chief of the CRM Outsiders blog).

“My company can trace about 75% of its business back to relationships that initially began on social media, and the vast majority of those relationships began on Twitter. That’s a pretty compelling business case for me.” (Heather Whaling, founder of Geben Communication).

Twitter is a deceptively simple application with remarkably powerful uses. People are only just beginning to tap into its potential as a business tool.

So why do so many companies still have a problem with Twitter? Continue →

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PR and you … a brief introduction

Posted on 3 August 2012

PR and You

An overview of what PR can help you achieve and how Halma PR can help you. If you want more information about anything please contact your Press Officer. Continue →

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